<strong>*** Comment Period:</strong> January 20, 2016 – February 12, 2016 ***

The purpose of this period of comment is to provide interested parties and/or organizations an opportunity to
present their views and recommendations regarding the VR Services Portion of the State Plan. IDVR is also
specifically seeking comment to changes the division is proposing surrounding customer financial participation
in the cost of services. The policy and business rule can be found in the two attachments at the end of the plan.

<b>The VR Services Portion of the State Plan can be found at <a title=”Link to State Plan Public Comment” href=”http://vr.idaho.gov/StatePlan” target=”_blank”>vr.idaho.gov/StatePlan</a></b>.

Printed copies of the document are available in all IDVR offices for public viewing. Other accessible formats of
the document are available upon request by contacting IDVR Central Office at (208) 334-3390 or e-mailing
<a href=”mailto:teresa.pitt@vr.idaho.gov”>Teresa.Pitt@vr.idaho.gov</a>.

<b>Instructions:</b> Please submit comments by either e-mail, mail or by phone.

Comments may be submitted:

• Via e-mail to <a href=”mailto:WIOAPlan@vr.idaho.gov”>WIOAPlan@vr.idaho.gov</a>


• By mail or hand deliver to this address:
Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Attn: Teresa Pitt
650 West State St., Room 150
Boise, ID 83720-0096


• By phone, call 1-(844)324-3983 on February 9, 2015, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm MST

To ensure consideration, written comments must be received by February 12, 2016.

For each comment, reference the associated page number. All comments received will become public record. Personal information may be redacted upon request.

For tips for submitting effective comments, click <a title=”Tips for Submitting Effective Comments” href=”http://www.vr.idaho.gov/inc/doc/resources/Public_Comment_Tips.pdf” target=”_blank”>HERE</a>.