Rehabilitation Services Accreditation System (RSAS) was established in 1987 to expand program opportunities for providers of rehabilitative services and to expand vocational opportunities for the individuals they serve.

Our organization structure, standards, and procedures were determined and developed with the assistance of a large group of private agency directors, funding source agency staff and individuals with experience in many phases of rehabilitation field.

We have awarded accreditation status to over 300 vocational service organizations located in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Colorado and Washington.

The performance based accreditation system pioneered by RSAS directs attention to outcomes rather than traditional prescriptive service models.

Additionally, RSAS staff provide technical expertise and consultation upon request to member agencies towards the goal of better service to agency staff and the program participants they serve.

Our mission is to:
1) identify and recognize high quality community rehabilitation services, through our review process and consultation with provider staff
2) foster the availability of a wide range of community based choices for persons with disabilities to achieve their vocational goals,
3) encourage a closer working partnership between the vocational services program participant, the vocational services professionals, local community employers, and the funding agency staff,
4) encourage the highest professional standards and performance of all vocational service provision,
5) continually strive for efficient and economic operations internally and
6) preserve rehabilitation funds for the benefit of persons with disabilities participating in vocational service provision.